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Survey for Faith-based Organizations Research

September 24th, 2015 by Beth A. Lewis

Dr. Terri Elton, Associate Professor of Leadership at Luther Seminary, and Dr. Hayim Herring, CEO of are working together on a study, “The Congregation and Faith-based Organization 3.0″ research project.  They are researching Jewish and Christian congregations and non-profits in order to learn how their organizational structures influence their ability to fulfill their mission and increase their impact. The faith-based organizations they are studying are one-half Christian and one-half Jewish.  We are delighted that Augsburg Fortress has been selected as one of the organizations they want to study.

As a part of this research, they have asked me to use one or more of my social media networks to provide them with feedback from various stakeholders.  Here are the questions, they would like answered about Augsburg Fortress, including our three publishing units: Augsburg Fortress Worship, Music & Congregational Life; Fortress Press; and, sparkhouse.

1. In what ways does Augsburg Fortress make a difference in your life? In what ways does Augsburg Fortress make a difference in the life of your community?

2. How has your involvement with Augsburg Fortress changed in the past few years? What do you attribute this to?

3. What gifts or skills are needed to lead Augsburg Fortress today that weren’t in the past?

4. What’s a challenge Augsburg Fortress is facing in the near future? In what ways are they preparing for it? What ideas do you have for addressing this challenge? Does Augsburg Fortress offer you ways to contribute ideas, critiques, and feedback on issues?

Your feedback will certainly be of interest to these two researchers!  But, it will also be of interest to the leaders here at Augsburg Fortress, Fortress Press & sparkhouse!

Please answer any or all of these questions either in the blog comments section below or send them to me via email at and I’ll be happy to forward them for the research project.

Thanks for considering this request and participating in whatever ways you are able to do so!






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Beth A. Lewis, President & CEO Augsburg Fortress

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