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The Spirit at work in South Los Angeles

December 17th, 2013 by Beth A. Lewis

At the National Youth Workers Convention in San Diego in October, my sparkhouse colleagues were showing off some of our exciting new faith formation resources.  As they often do when attending an event like this, they held a drawing for a gift card.  The winner was Lorraina Armenta.  She graciously sent us this thank you note that touched all of us back here in Minneapolis who read it:

“Just wanted to send you a “thank you” for this incredible blessing!

My students LOVE Sparkhouse products (we’re using Echo the Story this year), and were beyond thrilled when I told them that I had won this gift card.  I actually went to NYW conference (and volunteered in order to do so) just to hear Michael Novelli and be able to talk with your staff about your products. I teach Bible at an inner-city school in South Los Angeles, and I was given the job this year of helping our students fall in love with the Bible again.  It’s been a couple months now and I am very pleased to see how the Spirit is moving in the students as they engage the Bible in such a radically different way.

My kids love our stuff this year so much that they volunteered to buy their own workbooks!

 Looking forward to choosing new materials to use in the classroom with my students for the spring!


Lorraina Armenta”

What a touching story!  Did you catch that?  Lorraina teaches Bible to youth in an inner-city school in South Los Angeles and the kids love Echo the Story so much that they volunteered to buy their own workbooks!  Incredible!

Lorraina is right…the Spirit is definitely moving here!  And, while I’ve never met her, I’ll bet much of the Spirit’s energy is coming right through her to those youth!

Thanks for sharing your story, Lorraina, and for loving what my sparkhouse colleagues are doing to create innovative faith formation resources.  I’m so glad you won that gift card and were able to put it to good use!

echologoAfter reading Lorraina’s story, if you want to see why she and the youth in her school are so excited about Echo the Story, check out the samples of both the print & video resources on our website.




And, it you want to hear Michael Novelli speak, you can check his workshop schedule here.  Novelli







Advent blessings,






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