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Why I Love to Use Twitter

June 11th, 2011 by Beth A. Lewis

I know that some of my colleagues wonder why I tweet.  Well, here’s a great example of why.  I’m a relational person.  I love to connect with people across the Church who are passionate about creating superb faith formation and worship experiences for the people in their congregations.  It is where our ministry of publishing intersects with their ministries in their local contexts. 

And, I am convinced that Martin Luther and the other reformers who used the power of the moveable type press to teach and preach would love Twitter.  It is one of our many new technologies that help us spread the Gospel, just as the moveable type press served them in the same way.

 Gutenberg Press


Here is an exchange that started on June 8 between @lilmeezer Alison Carmack, the Director for Christian Education at Mt. Zion United Methodist Church in Mechanicsville, MD and me @bethalewis  By the way, Ms. Carmack and I have never met (as far as I know).  But, as you’ll see in reading this exchange (which she graciously gave me permission to quote here in my blog), we’ve been able to “connect” via Twitter. 

Here are our tweets from the last few days:

Alison:  Hi Beth, looking for a good curriculum for Sunday School for 1st/2nd grade…suggestions?

Beth:  Of course! Check out & sign up for one of our free webinars.  @SprkSS

Alison: Signed up for one tomorrow night 🙂 Thanks.

Beth:  Great! If you need more info, contact Jared Johnson, our Congregational resource rep for your area. 800-426-0115  ext. 247

Beth:  Twitter works instead. ;-} Which congregation do you serve?

Alison:  That it does! I'm DCE @ Mt Zion UMC in Mechanicsville, MD (SE of DC). Can't wait for Ancestors, thinking to use it Sun nights. @re_form

Alison:  Just want to say THANK YOU! Attended a webinar w/Kay Neubauer and she was so helpful! What a great way to share info!

Beth:  Thanks for your kind words about our Spark webinar! May I quote our tweet exchange in my blog?

Alison:Yes, please do. Can't wait to get our starter kit!

Alison@SprkSS I think I'm going to recommend a couple teachers & our SS Super take a webinar too. Do you have the link again?

Alison: Never mind, found the link in our conversation list. Forwarding it along

Alison:@SprkSS Hi Beth. My Sunday School Super wants to take a webinar (she loves the Sparkhouse website) but can't get online…

Alison:@SprkSS For the Sunday School Super, is it possible just to teleconference in to a "webinar" or would that even be valuable?

Beth:  @SprkSS Maybe if Kay knew in advance that a particular person wanted to just do phone on webinar, she could send Prpt in advance.

Beth@SprkSS I'll send Kay a note & ask her about PowerPoint in advance of webinar.

Beth:  Kay can send your Super the slides in advance of the Spark webinar she wants to attend.

Alison:Thanks so much!

Beth:You are welcome! That's why we're here….to help ministry leaders proclaim the Gospel and pass along our faith to our kids & grandkids!

Alison: Every day you're kind & at night you give a song as my prayer (Ps42:8) #FF @meezer_mom @bethalewis @bjbuc @revnaomi (via @ffhelper)

 Then, just today, there was another exchange between Alison & a couple of other people (I don’t have their permission to share their comments, so I deleted their Twitter handles here) commenting on their concerns about “traditional” VBS. 

Beth:  There's so much great content in Spark that many congregations use rotation for VBS, too! Saves $. @SprkSS

Alison & the other two church leaders continued talking about VBS.  One even used the phrase “VBS industrial complex” to describe traditional VBS, so I wrote to her and them

Beth:  We agree with "out of hand" VBS. That's why we have lower key @ReNewGreenVBS or suggest @Sprkk year round

Alison: @SprkSS Was mentioned the other night that Rotation also works well for summer Sunday School. Hmm, next yr?

So, that’s why I enjoy using Twitter.  Quick, easy, 140 character connections to support one another’s ministries!  Special thanks to Alison Carmack for her enthusiasm for the faith formation resources we are creating such as Spark Sunday School and re:form confirmation and youth resources and for her permission to share our tweets!

 If you want to know how to reach your Augsburg Fortress and sparkhouse Congregational Resource Representative, just go to our list of representatives that is organized by zip code.  Thanks!




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Beth A. Lewis, President & CEO Augsburg Fortress

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