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Snow sabbath

February 15th, 2007 by Beth A. Lewis

As Lutherans we are well aware of God’s grace. It felt like we were buried in grace with yesterday’s snow and ice in Columbus, Ohio. This was going to be one of those crazy weeks. Here’s what the itinerary looked like:

Monday morning Minneapolis.
Monday afternoon & evening fly to Charlotte and drive to the Luther Ridge camp, almost 3 hours west of there.
Tuesday morning, speak to a delightful group of Region 9 AIM’s about my personal call story, Gutenberg to Google and new Internet-based resources from Augsburg Fortress.
Tuesday afternoon & evening, fly to Columbus, Ohio.
Wednesday morning drive to Grove City, Ohio to visit with our distribution center staff.
Wednesday afternoon & evening speak to two classes at Trinity Lutheran Seminary, meet with faculty & staff and visit the Augsburg Fortress bookstore staff at the seminary.
Thursday morning, fly back to Minneapolis for meetings in the afternoon.


All was a “go”…Monday was fine. Tuesday morning & afternoon were fine. And then, a large snow & ice storm blanketed the Midwest. Two flights were cancelled. There were long delays. Finally, I arrived at my hotel in Columbus on Wednesday at 2 a.m. I had an email from Vickie in our distribution center urging me not to drive to Grove City because of the bad driving conditions. I decided that was good counsel and, besides, then I could get a bit more sleep so that I would be fresh for my speaking engagements at the seminary.

On Wednesday morning, God declared a mid-week sabbath for those of us in the path of the storm. The seminary cancelled classes. So, there I was in a Columbus hotel room with no place to go. No speeches to give. No meetings to attend. A snow sabbath! Lovely!

I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast. Went to the fitness center for some time on the treadmill. Finished reading our new book, Creating a Habitat for Humanity by Jonathan Reckford, CEO for Habitat for Humanity. (It’s a terrific, brief book intended for use by congregational book clubs, small groups of adults and/or teens, adult forums, etc.)

Then, Mary Hughes, who had invited me to speak at Trinity, called and invited me to lunch. She and several of her colleagues braved the snow and ice covered roads to pick me up. We enjoyed lunch, conversation about their teaching, about some of their talented graduates now serving in congregations, about their writing plans, etc. Relaxing.

Last night, I had dinner at a local restaurant after stopping by a Barnes & Noble to buy another book….I had carried two with me and finished them both with all of the airport sitting on Tuesday night. I must admit that a Valentine’s dinner alone while my husband was at home wasn’t exactly the most romantic meal I’ve ever had, but good food, a good glass of wine and a good book to read isn’t all bad!

Snow sabbath. I wouldn’t mind too much if God would provide us with these more often!

Especially since as I’m writing this on Thursday morning, I’m sitting on an airplane with a mechanical problem. We were supposed to have taken off two hours ago, but we’re still sitting. Another mini-sabbath, I guess, but not nearly as comfortable as yesterday’s at the hotel!

Blessings to you,

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Beth A. Lewis, President & CEO Augsburg Fortress

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